Live consciously with joy and respect to life on this planet and explore your natural need for play and expression.

Yo! is a youthful greeting.

YOYO is an ancient greek and chinese game. In ancient Chinese YOYO means to be yourself. YOYO is a concept that invites different partners: from the creative and business communities as well as organisations to collaborate, create and celebrate life.

YOYO is proud of...

YOYO concept started with the launch of YOYO bench, made from recycled wood pulp and awarded with 5 international and national awards and distinctions.

  • Winner at 2010 China's Design Awards
  • Finalist at New York Festivals 2011
  • ΕVGΕ 2011
  • Nominee at German Design Awards, 2012
  • Silver Award at A΄ Design Award, 2013-14


YOYO is travelled and exhibited worldwide.

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation - Athens

*etsi_ for the environment

*etsi_ for Hellas

Make your own YOYO.
In collaboration with Organization Earth

International Fair - Thessaloniki 2011

Hellenic International University - Thessaloniki

ARTAZ Myconos 2014

Inno Design Tech Expo - Hong Kong

Chinese Embassy - Athens

Projects Platform - Athens Academy of Fine Arts

YOYO as a canvas

YOYO bench has been used as a canvas for different artists to paint and collaborate.


Harry Lambert
Christine Grek
Jimmy Carbo
K.Gkikas & Alex Chien
Giorgos Sirigas
Artemis Katsampani Elli Vizantiou
G. Panoussopoulos
Bill Sarellas
Costas Spathis
Afrodite Koromvoki
Rodanthi Senduka

more YOYO...

Unique YOYO designs to celebrate life on a daily base.

YOYO Jewellery

YOYO Wine Case

YOYO Card Holder

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The award-winning YOYO bench is designed by Rodanthi Senduka, creator of the Emblem of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 and Creative Director & Partner at Red design consultants.